A letter from Uli

Hello, my name is Uli Klinkhammer, I am the inventor of freecloud.

Since using communication service nowadays equals trust, more than ever before, you should have the opportunity to get to know a thing or two about me:

My career in computers began in 1992 when I launched my first public e-mail and news system: !FACT BBS. Right there I had to decide how to treat user data:

Will I start leering at private messages or not? But as my father taught me to respect my fellow men, I decided not to do that. With the years the projects became bigger and the amount of messages running through the systems higher. Yet, at no moment did I break my primary principle.

I also had a look at the people who were able to gather personal data from the platforms. Everytime I hired a new staff member I carefully made sure I could entrust them with this valuable good. On top of that, everybody had to sign the corresponding legal documents.

Today I manage a team of 20 employees and I think that our team is trustworthy. Of course, human beings are not machines, so their behaviour is not always predictable. But all people involved in freecloud love what they do, and this may just be our strongest security protection: The positive emotion behind our actions. People don‘t destroy what they love. In this matter, I welcome you warmly and wish you a very pleasant time.

Uli Klinkhammer

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