The European Cloud Service for you and your friends.

Get your 5 GB Cloud Space for free!

(We are not related to Star Trek's freecloud but we are Trekkies, too) :-)

freecloud is available on any device
with any operating system

  • freecloud is based on the professional OpenSource Software Nextcloud

  • Freely enjoy your 5 GB of first class cloud

  • Listen to music / look at pictures / watch your videos

  • Share files with your friends

  • Chat and talk with your friends

  • Manage and share calendars with your friends

  • find friends across Europe


freecloud makes friends. By joining a European region we will automatically connect you to all users of this area, making it very easy for you to talk to them, share files with them and even join the same local event.


We strictly stand behind the idea of the European Union with its GDPR. Your data will not leave our servers. This is a promise.


We are experienced hosters. KONTENT GmbH is acting on internet markets since 1994. We are NOT a public company and dont want to be.


freecloud is based on Nextcloud, a german Open Source Software developed by hundreds of enthusiastic people. Open Source is not just a licensing model for us. It emphasizes our  underlying principles of being open-minded, living with open borders and  inside an open society.


freecloud is hosted in Germany. As we run our own data center, the service is 100% under our own control. Additionally we  are a family driven company.


Your files will be encrypted by default on our servers. So even the freecloud staff is not able to see your data.