freecloud is your European Social Network: A free, secure, collaborative Nextcloud platform conforming with the European Data Protection Law (GDPR).

The following features are available on all devices running these OS


1GB file space

Local automated synchronization of files (by client)

Online collaborative realtime work on documents (xlsx, docx, pptx, and mindmaps .xml)

Calender with local synchronization

Contacts with local synchronization

Tasks with local synchronization

Online notes


Text chat

Voice calls and conferences

Video calls and conferences

Text chat, calls and conferences with regional groups

File sharing with private contacts

File sharing with regional group members

File sharing via e-mail

File sharing password protection

File sharing with expiration date

Full text public document search

Mulitlanguage news channels


Photo gallery

Video player

Music player

Internet radio player


freecloud makes friends. By joining a European region we will automatically connect you to all users of this area, making it very easy for you to talk to them, share files with them and even join the same local event.


We strictly stand behind the idea of the European Union with its GDPR. Your data will not leave our servers. This is a promise.


We are experienced hosters. KONTENT GmbH is part of the KON group, which has been acting on internet markets since 1994. Up until now we have registered more than 400.000 domain names and provided services for more than 1 million internet users.


Open Source is not just a licensing model for us. It emphasizes our underlying principles of being open-minded, living with open borders and inside an open society.


freecloud is hosted in Duisburg, the heart of Europe. As we run our own data center the service is 100% under our own control. Additionally we are a family driven company.


freecloud is based on the open source software Nextloud. This means that there are no backdoors or spywares hidden inside the code. You can feel safe!


Your files will be encrypted by default on our servers. So even the freecloud staff is not able to see your data.